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As an employer led training provider, we believed we do things just a little bit different from our competitors.

Working with over 150 engineering & manufacturing employers and 40+ schools in the West Yorkshire region, we believe the time and effort put in to align the employers expectation with the candidates is key to a successful outcome. Alternatively, you may already have the staff and looking for the right apprenticeship to develop their knowledge and skills.

As a not for profit, registered charity, Appris is governed by a membership of employers, whereby a subscription is required  for every year an apprentice remains in learning.

The following annual subscription fees apply to businesses that utilise our recruitment services for apprenticeships:

  • £50 for businesses up to 49 staff
  • £250 for businesses with 50 staff and above

The Appris team will help you identify the correct apprenticeship standard that meets the job role. Contact us to discuss how you can access a pool of over 300 screened, tested and interviewed candidates. Subscription fees are waived for employers who self-recruit or who already employ the potential apprentice. 


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